Chaos: Age of Heroes

Okay, sorry for not posting in a while.. I’ve been busy with GMS and KMS Maplestory. So, I’m bringing you the latest scoop on the first Chaos update. So, uh here we go!

v.99 – Chaos: Age of Heroes Update!

New Content

Gate to the Future : 160+
Characters Lv.160 and above can travel from the Temple of Time to the new Gate to the Future.
* The gate leads to new areas including Henesys Ruins and its surrounding areas as well as Dark Ereve, which includes the Knight Stronghold and the new Cygnus Expedition. Also, Chief Stan (I think it is) passed away due to stress, from the evading Cygnus Army.
* You will find older versions of several NPCs you may already know in the present, a.k.a died Cheif Stan.
* There are many new quests involving these areas. The quests are optional, though you must complete certain ones in order to participate in a Cygnus Expedition.
* Areas in Dark Ereve and the areas around Henesys Ruins contain giant, mutated versions of low level monsters from the present. a.k.a giant slimes and mushrooms that have 144,100 health..
* The Knight Stronghold is packed with Cygnus Knight enemies that have the same skills as Cygnus Knights you can create, but are much more powerful than any Cygnus Knight in the present.
* The Knight Stronghold is filled with party play areas, which will be familiar to many players who have explored Lion King’s Castle before. When defeating enemies in these party play areas, you gain 50% bonus EXP for every extra member you have in your party who are present, up to 250% bonus EXP for a party of six.

Cygnus Expedition
Empress Cygnus is the boss enemy of the new area. She is the most powerful enemy in the game as of this update.
* This expedition is available to characters Lv.170 and above.
* You must form an expedition of 3-18 characters to enter the battle.
* This expedition is available in channel 13.
* If you die during the fight and choose to revive, you will not be able to re-enter the battle. To remain in the battle, you will need a character in the battle with a reviving skill to use that skill on you, or you can use a Wheel of Destiny from the Cash Shop.

* While fighting Empress Cygnus during a Cygnus Expedition, she and her five Chief Knights–Mihile, Oz, Irena, Eckhart, and Hawkeye–have voiceovers.
* In Lion King’s Castle, Von Leon, Ifia, Luden, and Jenn have voiceovers.

Secret Mastery Books
Many monsters now drop these in place of specific Mastery Books. Double click on it to receive a random Mastery Book.

The traits system has been implemented to allow you to look at its basics before the Age of Artisans update arrives, when you will be able to do even more to develop your character’s traits. Traits allow you to increase certain abilities of you characters, and they can be leveled up. The traits are: Ambition, Empathy, Insight, Willpower, Diligence, Charm. You can view your traits in the Character Info menu or in the Production Skill menu if you are Lv.30 or above. The Production Skill menu is defaulted to the B button.
Here are some ways to raise your traits.
* Ambition: Increase it by hunting boss monsters.
* Empathy: Increase it by harvesting herbs (Age of Artisans).
* Insight: Increase it by mining (Age of Artisans).
* Willpower: Increase it by participating in party quests.
* Diligence: Increase it by crafting (Age of Artisans).
* Charm: Increase it by gaining fame or equipping Cash equipment.
More about this system will be explained when the Age of Artisans arrives.

As explained above, traits are only in the “basic” phase. Sooner, the traits will be able to help you with Professions and actually getting along in the MapleLife.

New Events

Jumpstart Character – 06.29.2011 – 07.26.2011
* If you reach at least Lv.70 during the event or already have a Lv.70+ character, you can create a Jumpstart Character.
* Only one Jumpstart Character can be made per account.
* Jumpstart Characters can be either Aran, Evan, or a Dual Blade.
* Jumpstart Characters start at Lv.50, with all of the skills that they would normally have at that level.
* A Jumpstart Dual Blade will start in Kerning City, Aran in Rien, and Evan in Henesys.
* Jumpstart Characters are not eligible for the New Character Gift Sets.
* Jumpstart Characters start with equipment, restorative items, a chair, and 500,000 mesos.

Trust me, don’t make a Jumpstart~DB or Evan, they honestly stink at lvl 50…

Hyper Teleport Rock Preview – 06.29.2011
Log in on June 29 and go to the Cash Shop to receive a free 7-day Hyper Teleport Rock.  One Hyper Teleport Rock is available per Cash Inventory (for example, one for a Dual Blade, one for Aran, one for the Explorers’ shared Cash Inventory, etc.).  Accounts created after June 28 are not eligible.
* A Hyper Teleport Rock can be used an unlimited number of times before its expiration date.
* It has a pre-selected list of towns for you to teleport to.
* It allows you to teleport between continents, Masteria, and World Tour areas, just like a VIP Teleport Rock.
* Selecting the World option on its menu will open the world map in applicable areas. You can double-click a map icon to be teleported to that map.
* It includes the option to record maps you might want to return to later and teleport to them, just like a VIP Teleport Rock (some maps are restricted from this). Up to 13 maps can be recorded.
* It has the option to move to the location of another character, just like a VIP Teleport Rock.

This even has already passed so I just marked it off.

New World Events – 06.29.2011 – 07.28.2011
The Chaos world is now open for brave adventurers and intrepid explorers. Don’t worry, Nova fans, your world will be added very soon. New world events for Chaos settlers include:
* Pioneers of Chaos: Accept the quest from Cassandra, reach at least Lv.70, then talk to her again to complete the quest. Reward: Chaos Bandana – Lv.70, STR/DEX/INT/LUK +18, Weapon DEF/Magic DEF +180, ACC/AVOID +25, untradable
* Teo’s Nostalgic Reminiscing I: Accept this quest from Teo in Lith Harbor. Complete it and earn 100,000 mesos. (Gather up 50 slime jiggles(forgot what they were called, and 50 red snail shells)
* Teo’s Nostalgic Reminiscing II: Accept this quest from Teo in Lith Harbor. Complete it and earn 200,000 mesos. (Gather up 80 wild board teeth and 100 flaming boar teeth.

New Character Gift Sets – 06.29.2011 – 07.26.2011
New characters can receive special Cash Item by completing certain requirements then talking to the Maple Administrator. The quest appears as a gift box above your character’s head.
* When you create a new character, you can obtain the Cute Newbie Gift Set (contains a medal, Cash equipment, a Rookie Defense Charm, and Miu Miu the Rookie Traveling Merchant).
* When your new character reaches Lv.30, you can obtain the Grow-Grow Gift Set (contains a medal, a hair style coupon, a face coupon, and a weather effect).
* When your new character reaches Lv.50, you can obtain the Elite Player Gift Set (contains a medal, Cash equipment, a Teleport Rock, and an Owl of Minerva).

By the way, the first set makes you look extremely nooby/stupid. The Second set is pretty good, but the first set NX items make you look ugly/stupid. The third set is pretty useful, you get new nx clothes and a useful medal.

Peacekeeper’s Aid – 06.29.2011 – 07.19.2011
Newly created Dual Blades can receive free Mastery books from Lady Syl for their 2+ through 3+ skills. These skill books expire in 30 days. The quest can be accepted from a light bulb notification above your character’s head or from talking to Lady Syl in The Secret Garden.

Basically, just talk to her at lvl 10 and recieve your books. (Evans don’t get free mastery books) You have to buy them in the cash shop (along with 4th job mastery skills)

2011 Summer Boom Up Event – 06.29.2011 – 07.26.2011
Gain bonus EXP from hunting monsters from 12pm – 5pm Pacific Time (3pm – 8pm Eastern), seven days a week.
* Lv.1-29: Hunting EXP +100%
* Lv.30-69: Hunting EXP +50%
* Lv.70-119: Hunting EXP +20%
* Lv.120 and higher: Hunting EXP +10%

Honestly, I think we should have it the other way around…

Returned Friend Event – 06.29.2011 – 08.31.2011
If you haven’t logged in to your account since 05.29.2011, you will receive the following gifts by visiting the Cash Shop:
* Hair Style Coupon (VIP)
* Face Coupon (VIP)
* 1.5x EXP Coupon
* Ring Box – Double click it to receive a Returned Friend Ring. After 3 hours have passed while it is equipped, it will change and gain stats. It will disappear if you log out before it changes.
A.K.A Today’s matience screwed a lot of players, like these one basiler(He was at 2 hours 58 minutes and then d/ced PWNED!)
Chaos Warrior Challenge – 06.29.2011 – 08.14.2011
Requirement: Lv.10 or above
Talk to Gaga to participate. To receive a prize, characters Lv.40 or below must reach Lv.80, and characters Lv.41 or higher must gain 40 levels. The prizes include:
* Explorer: Explorer’s Cruelty Ring, Explorer’s Critical Ring, or Explorer’s Magical Ring
* Resistance: Resistance Lux Ring (cannot be stacked with a Resistance Ring)
* Cygnus Knight: Holy Wing Earrings
* Aran: Lilin’s Aura Ring (cannot be stacked with a Lilin’s Ring)
* Evan: Onyx Dragon Glasses
* Dual Blade: Blood Mask
Each is a unique item which can move 1 time within an account. If you have one of the items on a character, that character cannot participate in the quest.

So far, I’m at level 60 (Dual Blade) I’m LoOkSy (The guy that got kicked from Status for asking to much questions and then everyone missed me)


* Numerous skills of Aran, Evan, and Dual Blade have been modified, including the addition of some skills and removal of others. Several other jobs have had modifications to existing skills. These changes affect new characters as well as existing characters.
* Aran receives all 1st, 2nd, and 3rd job skills upon making those job advancements.
* Explorers, Cygnus Knights, and Aran no longer require any type of ore to make their 3rd job advancement.
* Cygnus Knights now require 20 Mateon Tentacles during their 3rd job advancement quests.
* The Maker skill has been removed.
* All Aran quests labeled [Skill] have been removed. Most Aran quests labeled [Required] are now optional.
* The Chaos Horntail expedition should now be available channel 11 instead of channel 15.
* Gachapon has returned to Sleepywood.
* Nett’s Pyramid monster survival has been closed for the foreseeable future. The bonus stage is still available if you have a gem to enter it.
* When looking up monsters or NPCs using the world map’s Search feature, a picture of the monster or NPC is now displayed in addition to the information about it when hovering over its name.
* Danger Zone Taxis have been added to the Sleepywood Dungeon. There is one in Sleepywood and one in Cursed Temple: Another Door; for a fee, they can move you between those two locations.
* The Danger Zone Taxi now offers transit to three new locations in addition to Path of Time: Omega Sector, Korean Folk Town, and Elin Forest.
* The wait time for the Helios Tower elevator has been removed, and its travel time has been significantly shortened to 9 seconds.
* The level restriction for entering Sleepywood Dungeon has been removed. The Lv.50+ restriction is still in place for entering the Cursed Temple.
* Modifications have been made to the layouts of many hunting grounds in the following areas:
– Sleepywood Dungeon
– Ellinia
– Ludibrium Clocktower
– Aqua Road
– Mu Lung Garden
– Korean Folk Town

I really haven’t had time to explore this just yet. (In Chaos I’m really poor nearly 75k) So, the Sleepywood Dungeon was changed for the worse. Most of the land is covered by drakes and you really can’t stabalize your position actually on the terrain. Also, Ellinia was changed for the worse because most of the maps still have arched hills or little to no latters up.

New Cash Shop Items

* Persian Cat: Permanent version available 6/29 – 7/13, 9900 NX
* [PET]Fish (equip item for a Persian Cat): Permanent version available 6/29 – 7/13, 3800 NX
* Canned Food (special food for a Persian Cat) – 1 for 1000 NX, 11 for 10,000 NX
* Persian Cat Package: Permanent Persian Cat, Permanent Fish, Canned Food (1), 2 Scrolls for Pet Equip. for ATT 60% Exchange ticket, 14,000 NX (6/29 – 7/13)
* Persian Cat Package: Permanent Persian Cat, Permanent Fish, Canned Food (1), 2 Scrolls for Pet Equip. for MAGIC ATT 60% Exchange ticket, 14,000 NX (6/29 – 7/13)
* Quest Booster (2x EXP): Earn double the experience reward for completing quests. Available in 10 day (2500 NX) and 30 day (5500 NX) varieties. (6/29 – 7/27)

Gachapon Update

All Gachapon locations
* The Gachapon Jackpot system has been implemented. Very lucky Gachapon users can get a special item that changes each month. Hitting the Jackpot raises everyone’s chance to get rare items from Gachapon will be increased for the remainder of the month!
* July Gachapon Jackpot item is the Chaos Horntail Necklace (+2).

06.29.2011 – 08.10.2011
All Gachapon locations
* July Chair King: Obtain the Hero’s Chair – Aran and speak to Dalair to obtain a Chair King medal.
* The Hero’s Chair – Evan and Hero’s Chair – Dual Blade are available.
* 1.3x EXP Coupons and 1.5x EXP Coupons are available.
* The Strawberry Shoulder and Blueberry Shoulder accessories are available.

Bug Fixes

* The lag that occurs while holding down the button for a skill has been fixed. But in a mantience recently, it brought back a lot of freeze lag.

Known Issues

* The channel select menu does not function after backing out of the View All Characters menu.
* FangBlade is not present in the Warriors’ Sanctuary in Perion, preventing Evan from completing the Meeting the Dragon Rider quest.
* During Aran’s 3rd job advancement, Lilin still says that you need to learn the Maker skill and make Red Jade. This text is out of date and can be ignored.
* An error message saying to check if you have a ticket or that your item inventory may be full somtimes appears when using the Sleepywood Gachapon.  Please try it again.
* The Sleepywood Gachapon displays its name in a “# Gachapon” format instead of as “Sleepywood Gachapon”.

By the way, I’m the most unluckiest person ever! I got a medal it says Unluckiest person!


-50 in all stats

-2,000 wep. att and magic att.

– 500 acc and avoid

– 5,000 wep def. mag def.

– 10,000 each trait.

And you have to keep the medal on for like 3 hours… ( Training was like trying tocapture a beaver…)


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