Well, sorry for those of you that have already seen this and I haven’t revamped it in my style~

Well, for those stalkers out thar, I’m just a Mapler that wants to basically privateer for maplestory, and Nexon, each that will give updates, and other Tespia coverage. I honestly dont know if that sentence just made sense or not….

Anyway, I like sports, especially Basketball, GO KNICKS! GO YANKEES! GO GIANTS!

lol, yea I’m just a fun-loving blogger that wants to kind of get infamous like my inspirers Spadow, and Cujo are! So, thanks for reading this I guess. I’ll probably show you like my quips and stuff.


65 Responses to About

  1. LynjanDakari says:

    Bro what’s your ign in Tespia and Global?

  2. Assyla says:

    Hey Wheel,
    Awesome website! At first it looked retarded- but then nope!
    Got to go!!! See ya at school!

  3. Assyla says:

    Hey Wheel,
    Awesome website! At first it looked retarded- but then nope!
    Got to go!!! See ya at school!

  4. Assyla says:

    Hi Again!! :^) Even though this is a weird comment and people would probably call me an idiot for. But is our end of the year math test on Wednesday-Thursday, or Thursday-Friday? By the way will you fall out of your chair again, possibly? Thank You Wheelio!!!
    See Ya Latur Alligator! ASSYLA IS OUT!!!!! pEaCe!!!!!!!!!!!! :*^)
    P.S. How did u make this website???

  5. DracoRukario says:

    Good luck with your website! And LOL at getting all your classmates to look at it? XD

    • Assyla says:

      Yeah but this kid is hularious!!! (I spelled that wrong didn’t I ?)
      Oh yeah abcd or whatever is another classmate! oh thanks for that reply!!!

  6. Assyla says:

    Hey Wheel, you rock. And also tell Baby G that I like him not you ( no offense)!!!!
    Also please reply to me you dang fail to the 100,000,000,000,000,000,000th power!!!!
    O_o TEEHEEHEE!!!!!!!!!! ASSYLA IS GONE!!! SEE YA AT SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • iOakLeaf says:

      LOL, yea Draco it only started with like 2 people and then to like 23 and then to like 55 cuz the whole 6th and 5th grade knows now..

      So, yea and thanks? Assyla? Okay well I’ma make a post nowz

  7. Assyla says:

    Yo wheel this will be quick, but is there any way to change the little icon thing? Tell Draco about the deer.see ya btw welcome. also don’t forget greenteam ASSYLA$$$$$$$$$$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!********************:^):^)

  8. Assyla says:

    Wheel will you reply to me? I am very sad. :^(

  9. Assyla says:

    I know but now everything is sinking in and i feel sad.^_^ O_o :^(

  10. Assyla says:

    oh k thanks 4 saying im smart maplestory is pretty awesome!

  11. Assyla says:

    thank u sir. it feels good at school cause i can call u your reel name not wheel. how did u get the smile face

  12. Assyla says:

    😀 Thank you Wheel!! Tomorrow I’m going to Vermont!! 😀

  13. Will-i-am says:

    Aylssa i herd that u like wheel and not baby G

  14. Will-i-am says:

    Ya r alyssa

  15. Assyla says:

    ya i no wheelio!! 😀

  16. Will-i-am says:

    I forgot who told meee :-))))

  17. Assyla says:

    I do not like u. I told u i luv baby g!!!!!!

  18. Assylahttp://www.gravatar.com/avatar/6e784d8031939425549020350db93165?s=69&d=wavatar says:


  19. Assyla says:

    I do not force him to date me. Do you think Amis is nice? 😀 BYE!!

  20. chocolateyfoufou says:

    Broa ign-vanturbo5

  21. Assyla says:

    I just woke up & i have a soccer tournament today. Wish me luck!! 😀

  22. Assyla says:

    O_o :^) :^( 😀

  23. Assyla says:

    I’m sorry Spadow is gone

  24. Assyla says:

    Good, I had one last Saturday and one yesterday. Yesterday we came in third. And last week we only made it to the semi-finals.

  25. Assyla says:


  26. Assyla says:

    Finally, at long last all 23 of us prisoners were free of our sentence to a full, long, and boring year of schooling with Ms. Putterman.

  27. Assyla says:

    Yes it was fun… but even more fun when I sat next to you. Woman’s World Cup is on today U.S.A. VS. ????? 😀

  28. Assyla says:

    Fail man fail

  29. Assyla says:

    Nice! I still can’t believe that it is summer vacation already.

  30. Assyla says:

    Cool have fun. Assyla…

    • Nyan Cat says:

      KKKKKKKKKKK, I’m sure to have fun over the Summer 😀 (I’m doing a lot of cool stuff, like going on cruises and trips) So, yea 😀 See ya later.

  31. Assyla says:

    What cruises are you going on? Tonight I’m going to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, at midnight!!!!!!!!!! 😀

    • Nyan Cat says:

      Lol, on the cruises part I really don’t know the name or stuff, all I really know is I’m going on one, and I saw Harry Potter also! It was a weird movie..

  32. Assyla says:

    So how long are the cruises?

  33. Assyla says:


  34. Assyla says:

    who did you get?

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