Nexon Portal Update!

Nexon will be performing a maintenance to implement the new portal on Thursday, June 23, 2011 at 10 PM Pacific for approximately twelve hours. During this time, the following will be unavailable:

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Chaos is here for testing! V.

Get it right off the front cover! And yes, it’s been confirmed that Chaos is going to be version

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V1.00.0 GMST is here with Chaos!

The latest update in the test server is finally the anticipated ‘reorganization’ update.
The reorganization update contains major stuff. New skills, skill animations and of course the changes.

As you see on the image above, Aran, Evan, Resistance and Dual Blade are back and available for creation!!
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Spadow has Quit Blogging!

Oh no! oh NO! It can’t be! I love Spadow’s Blog! I can’t believe Spadow’s quiting. April fool’s was 2 months ago. So, stop pranking us 😦

Well, life goes on, I bid Spadow a fair goodbye. (He may come back though.) I remember when Spadow was first starting out in like mid 2008 and he reall didn’t like blogging. And now look! He had almost over 2 million visitors. Well, all of those visitors will miss you as much as I will! Thanks, once again! 😀

I will always remember you 😀

Maybe he just will come back….

MapleStory Chaos is Approaching!

30 minutes ago Nexon Korea started their press conference about the upcoming Winter update. And it’s BIG.
This just came in from the twitter of NexonKR.

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Cake vs Pie IS HERE!!

Cake vs. Pie 2: Winner Bake All is almost here! We will be performing an update on MapleStory on May 25th, 2011. During this period, all game servers will be unavailable. The game update will last approximately 5 hours. Name changes and world transfers will not be processed during this maintenance.

WELL, Nexon has confirmed that tomorrow is the update for Cake vs PIE!!!!! Lets get the brawl/revenge started!The Two Tasty Giants Read more of this post

New Cake vs Pie Event!!!

Hello Folks, coming from New York, is OakLeaf bringing you the most fresh news this town can buy! Well, as the title stats I’m going to give you coverage of the new Cake vs. Pie event.

The Two Tasty Giants

“The Two Tasty Giants”

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